With Internet Marketing, It’s Vital to Know Your Audience

It pays to understand your Internet audience's preferences.

It pays to understand your Internet audience's preferences.

Everyday I get new insights on Internet marketing. Recently, I have learned a lot about the importance of knowing your audience. In the past I followed the advice of some of the top Internet marketers — mostly men, without question. Not anymore.

Many of my readers are women. And I am learning with fascination that women don’t use the Internet in the same way that men do. Men focus on the money. They want to get your information quickly and bombard you with messages — many promotional. A lot of women don’t respond well to that style.

Women want to get to know you first. They want to receive great information and build trust before they give you their name and email address. Sometimes they detest the mechanisms we have put in place to enhance or automate our marketing.

I spoke recently with a woman who was very put off by the requirement to sign in to a website that she visits almost daily. She visits the site because she loves the information.

Determining how our site or blog visitors feel about the way we present our information is never easy. People sometimes ignore surveys. You ask for reactions, but rarely get them. Still, people will tell others everything they hate about what you are doing wrong.

So my goal here is to open a dialogue and get you to tell me what you like or dislike about current practices on websites and blogs.

How do you feel about those pesky little sign-in forms? What about optin or squeeze pages that require you to sign in to get the free stuff?

How often do you like to get information or newsletters sent to your email box?

How do you feel about endless promotions for products in which you may or may not be interested?

Please let me know so I can share the information with other small business owners who are struggling to get it right. I’d like to thank you upfront for any comments you leave.

Marcia Ming

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