Why Creating Quality Content is so Critical to Marketing Your Business Online?

10 Tips for Creating Compelling ContentThe internet makes it possible for you to reach people anywhere with your marketing messages. However, some of the benefits of old-fashioned marketing where you could look people in the eye and agree on a handshake are just not possible on the internet.

You need to build relationships with prospects and customers in a different way. The content on your website, Facebook page, YouTube videos, webinars, etc., let people know who you are and how you can help them. It lets your prospects sample your products.

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You Need Lots of Unique, Quality Content to Succeed With Content Marketing

The most surprising thing about this kind of marketing, is how much quality content you need to create to be visible on the Net.  When I first started article marketing a few years back, I thought I could just write a few articles on topics related to my business, post them on article sites and that would be enough. Boy was I naïve! Then I realized that some people were posting hundreds — even thousands of articles on those same article sites. My few articles needed to compete with the prolific authors who knew what they were doing. By posting so many articles, they were viewed as experts. There articles were indexed by search engines and showed up more readily than my few entries.

Your Content Needs to Be in Varied Formats

Article marketing is not so popular anymore. Many people who want to know how to do something prefer a video on YouTube, a slide show or an Infographic. So now it’s not only necessary to create lots of content, but that content needs to be in different formats.  You have to satisfy the different learning styles of your prospects — while some people still prefer to read, others are auditory or visual learners. They want to put your information on their iPods or smart phones and listen on their way to work. Or they prefer a video or webinar that provides a visual and auditory experience.

Well, if you’re anything like I was, having to produce all of that content in varied forms, seems overwhelming. I was baffled until I started to learn some of the tricks and tools these master marketers used to fulfill their content needs.

In my search to solve my own need to create lots of quality content, I discovered a lot of tools you might find just as useful as I did. I am sharing 5 FREE article templates that should make it easier for you to create great content faster.

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This is enough information to get you started. And by joining my list, you will continue to receive great information about content marketing as the Internet continues to evolve. Well get ready, 2014 promises to be an exciting year for marketing your business online.