What makes a good blog post — one worth reading?

What makes a good blog post?A Drawing of a cup of hot coffee and a legal pad

A good blog post is readable and thought provoking

In my quest to become a better blogger, I read what other bloggers say on this topic and asked friends why they read blogs. Specifically, I wanted to know what makes a blog or, a post, worth reading. 

My friends told me they read blogs that are entertaining, well-written, fun, controversial or thought-provoking. Others read certain blogs because they contain useful information on topics of interest. Sometimes it’s important that the information is free.

Often blog readers hope to learn from people who have established themselves as experts. The reader’s goal in this case is to learn as much as possible without having to reinvent the wheel or to avoid making mistakes.

 Perhaps the best blog posts contain a little of all of these points.

 I learned even more from what other bloggers have written. A good blog breathes new life into topics others may have done-to-death and isn’t afraid to break the rules, one blogger said

“Good blogs have a voice,” according to Merlin Mann who explored this subject at some length in his blog, 43 Folders. “They show some level of craft, thinking, and continuity beyond the word count . . . Good blogs make you want to start your own blog.”

Other bloggers use words like authenticity, honesty, passion, humor and relevance to describe traits that set one blog apart from others. Posts that are philosophical, give advice or start with mistakes are also effective. And case studies that are not overhyped can be useful too, according to Frank Strong at Sword and the Script.

A Good blog “makes your opinion known, links like crazy, includes passion, snappy headlines, bullet point lists and are easy to scan,” observes Darren Rouse whose Problogger is a favorite among bloggers trying to make their own blogs better.

A good blog post should be short, have a hook and give readers something to act on, says a writer at Accessinitiative.org.

“Good blogs are laser-focused, targeted to its audience and personal,” according to a blogger at findableblogs.com. “They have original content. They are readable, link to relevant information and have accurate, but intriguing titles.”

I found it useful to take a look at what other bloggers believe sets their posts apart from the thousands of new blogs people are starting daily.

Sometimes you can’t say specifically what makes a blog work, but you recognize quality and valuable content when you see it. I’d love to hear your views on this topic. What do you think makes a good blog post?

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