What are blog plugins and should you use them?

We saw in a previous blog post that the basic WordPress theme is pretty blah. In addition to using customized themes, you can add functionality to your blog with plugins. Plugins are software modules developed by programmers to allow your blog to accomplish different tasks. 

What are the most helpful plugins and the most popular?

WordPress plugins graphic

WordPress plugins graphic

There are hundreds of different plugins out there, but they may not all be for your blog. So how do you decide which plugins to use? Part of the answer depends on the type of blog or blog website you are creating?

Are you a blogger or an online retailer selling a product? Are you a service business such as a web designer or photographer needing to show off your portfolio so people can see your work? Before you add a plugin, you need to do some research to find the best plugins for your blog.

However, there are also plugins that every blog should consider. One is Akismet, a plugin designed to control spam. It will catch blog comments that fit certain criteria.

 Vote for your favorite blog plugin 

I plan to write about other plugins that are useful. But I’d also like to invite you to share the blog plugins you find most useful. So leave a comment letting us know your favorite plugin.

  • Name of plugin
  • What the plugin does
  • Where readers can download the plugin

If your plugin is mentioned, people can visit your blog website to see it inaction.

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