Using Your Site Stats to Plan Your Marketing Strategies for 2011

Goal setting graphic with person reaching for a star

Goal setting graphic with person reaching for a star

It’s that time again. Time to evaluate what worked well or failed with your marketing activities in 2010. It’s also time to look at today’s marketing trends to decide which activities you plan to pursue in 2011.

After examining my own business activities, my list includes:

  1. Focusing on building my lists
  2. Nurturing my lists
  3. Using video marketing
  4. Developing more content using varied media
  5. Expanding my use of social media and social marketing
  6. Consistently providing quality content on my blog
  7. Using article marketing correctly and writing many more articles.
  8. Posting on forums regularly in my niche
  9. Continuing to learn to be a better internet marketer by reading leading blogs in my niche, books, and attending webinars and live events when possible.
  10. Teaching what I learn.

That’s a pretty tall order, but if I succeed in doing even half of what I am planning, I will consider 2011 a success.

It’s important to stop long enough to plan. Sometimes taking a hard look at your business is painful. But there are important lessons to learn from the process.

Google Analytics sample pageHow do you do this?

  • Take a hard look at your stats using such tools as Google Analytics and Awstats (the stats available from your web host.
  • Determine who your visitors are (their demographics) , where they are coming from (referring sites) and what pages they are visiting on your site?
  • What keyword phrases or tags are they using to find your site? What opportunities are you missing — by that; I mean related keywords you could use to develop additional content?
  • Determine what your bounce rate is and where your most avid visitors are coming from. For example, I didn’t distribute many articles last year to article directories, but one of the things I learned was that site visitors who come from Ezine Articles are more likely to visit several pages and spend more time on my site. At the same time, I discovered that people referred by search engines like Google often bounced right out after only a few seconds. That suggests that I need to pay more attention to my keyword research, and that I should write more articles.
  • Spend time on Google’s Webmaster tools to determine who is linking to my site and try to develop ways to get more links from high ranking sites in my niche.
  • Focus on projects until they are completed – I have a fair number of projects in the works that I need to wrap up before starting new ones.
  • Determine how well your site is converting visitors to subscribers and customers.

This is my list. Yours may be different depending on which business model you are pursuing and the niche and the type of content your site has.

Why discuss my evaluation process?

One reason is to let you know that it takes serious effort to succeed online regardless of what some marketers suggest. Often you don’t know what you’re doing badly until you do it and examine the results.

Some marketers test everything they do – every headline, every email marketing campaign, every call to action and every landing page. Those who take the time and effort to subject their efforts to such scrutiny often experience greater success in terms of subscribers or leads, sales and conversions.

So I suggest, you take a couple of afternoons and dig deeply into your site’s stats. Look at everything closely – to learn whatever you can because that examination will show you what and where you need to improve.

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