Three Ways for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make Money on Ebay

Work-at-home MomAdmit it, you feel like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. It seemed like a great idea for you to stay home with the kids while your husband worked and you both did your homework, watched your budget and figured out how to make it work so you could quit your job and save that money you were spending on gas and child care.

Now, this many months into the arrangement and you’re finding you just don’t have enough to make ends meet due to the brake job the family car needed, that leak in the kitchen you had to get fixed and your tax refund was far less than you both anticipated this year; but you don’t want to go back to work and put your kids back in daycare -what’s a good solution? Selling on Ebay and if you do it right, you can have an enviable income source.

You’ve heard it often enough,”You can make money on Ebay!” and you know what? It’s true. Ebay is a website where millions of people log in every day looking to buy and it’s no wonder there are people making thousands of dollars per month selling items.

There are three ways you can go with Ebay:

  1.  You can sell items from your home
  2.  You can create items to sell
  3.  You can set up an affiliation with a dropshipper

The easiest way to get started on Ebay is sell unwanted items around your home. Clothes the kids have outgrown, shoes sell well, there’s a market for jewelry, home furnishings, clothes and pretty much anything you can think up can be sold for a profit on Ebay.

If you’re artsy or crafty you can sell your creations on Ebay. Before you go out and make a bunch of items to sell (at additional expense) do your best to sell what you have on hand. Sell items around your home to raise money to buy craft supplies. The idea is to spend as little as possible of any “house” money – you’re supposed to be making a profit!

Dropshipping is the final way to do business on Ebay and if you work it right, you can walk away with enough profits that your husband may consider quitting his day job and doing it with you. Dropshipping in a nutshell is when someone else allows you to sell their items and they ship it to your customer under your name. There is no stock to buy and nothing to invest. The customer bids and wins your auction. You pay the dropshipper and supply the winning bidder’s mailing information and the item is shipped as if from you. Easy? You bet.

There are literally dropshippers for every product you can imagine from baby items to Rolex watches. When you’re setting up a dropshipping arrangement, find out if the dropshipper charges any fees for their services. If they do, incorporate those fees into your shipping charges. Also, calculate how much your Ebay auctions will cost to put up and the percentage Ebay will take off the sale at the end to ensure you make a profit. Big ticket items like Rolex watches can carry a profit of $1,000 to $2,000 on the average. Finding a dropshipper isn’t difficult. Simple go to your favorite search engine and input “product name dropshipper” or “product name wholesaler” and you should be able to find a good place to set up with. Most wholesalers do dropshipping, you just have to ask.

Find your items, find out how much it will cost you to put an auction, figure in your shipping fees and Ebay fees and you should be able to start bringing in good money on  a weekly basis and still have good quality time to spend with your children.

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