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What to Share on Your Favorite Social Networking Sites

It’s no secret that you need a road map to know what to share on social networking sites. Here’s a quick quide with tips on which networks work best for which types of content sharing. You’ll want to print and save this handy guide.


Can a Twitter Server Crash Hurt Your Business?

You’ve worked hard to attract thousands of followers on social media sites like Twitter. Some of your income and marketing efforts are linked to your social marketing strategies. So what happens if a server crash suddenly wipes out your thousands of Twitter followers? Or your fan page on Facebook? Case Ernsting, who writes about social […]


Social Marketing: Don’t miss Brian Solis on 21 Tips for Using Twitter and Facebook for Business

If you are looking for ways to make Twitter and Facebook more useful in your marketing, you will want to check out 21 tips for using twitter for business by Brian Solis.  Although many of his examples refer to big business, small business owners should find food for great ideas for their own marketing. This […]