Social Marketing: Don’t miss Brian Solis on 21 Tips for Using Twitter and Facebook for Business

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Making social marketing pay for your business

If you are looking for ways to make Twitter and Facebook more useful in your marketing, you will want to check out 21 tips for using twitter for business by Brian Solis.

 Although many of his examples refer to big business, small business owners should find food for great ideas for their own marketing. This blog post is full of specific uses and great examples. It is one you will want to save for future reference.

 Not only is Twitter a great place to generate buzz, it’s an even better tool for market research. Specifically, you can monitor customer dissatisfaction as a way for you to identify opportunity, Solis explains.

It’s also a great way to segment information to different users in the way Ford Motor Co. uses different twitter accounts to reach car enthusiasts with different interests.

You can check out Brian’s blog or read his new book, Engage.

If you are an avid user of social media, you may have tried a strategy that worked well for your small business. Why not share it with the readers of this blog by adding a comment below.

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