Small Business Marketing Doesn’t Get Any Simpler than a San Francisco Farmer’s Market

I haven’t been able to blog for a few days, what with packing and spending a day in airports and at 40,000 feet in the air, as I traveled to spend the holidays with my daughter in San Francisco.

San Fran Farmers' MarketIf you have only experienced the City by the Bay as a tourist, you may never have seen one of its farmers markets – which as small businesses go, is about as small and as close to your customer as you can get.

So I wanted to share a few photos I took at Alemany Boulevard which serves some of San Francisco’s residential neighborhoods.

It’s the day after a rainy night with turbulent winds. Only a fraction of the normal crowd ventures out after it rains. So it was pleasant walking around the various booths, viewing fruit that for me is a bit exotic such as these pointy, odd-shaped lemons.

Pointy-shaped lemons at San Francisco Farmer's Market

I dressed for the cold with too many clothes. It’s drizzling, but not as cold as I expected.

San Francisco is a delightful mix of cultures and colors, unlike what you’ll find in the East. Here my daughter poses with her bag of goodies.

It’s the one place where palm trees and tropical flowers blend with 50 to 60 degree temperatures and that famous San Francisco fog. It was so thick the day before I couldn’t see the bay that is easily visible from my daughter’s kitchen and living room windows. But by Saturday, the fog has lifted leaving only the light drizzle.

If you ask me, this is just one of the great spots that make San Francisco so much fun. Every year, I have a new experience ranging from great restaurants and museums, to Sausalito Shops near the Golden Gate Bridge—one of my faves.

Simple sign promoting fare at San Francisco Farmers' Market

Ironically, in one of the world’s techiest cities, good food, a regular location and a colorful sign get the job done. Marketing doesn’t get any easier than this!

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