Should you use PLR or content with Private Label Rights?


I’ve always heard conflicting views about Private Label Rights Products.


Some of the negative comments have stemmed from the poor quality of some private label products because they were either riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes or written by writers who obviously didn’t speak English as their first language. Still others have complained about the poor quality of the articles or the mass distribution leading to the problem of duplicate content.


With most PLR sites, you don’t get to see what’s really inside until you pay.  Sure, a lot of the sites offer money back guarantees but, is it worth the hassle?  For those who are just starting out – the budget is tight – is it not?  You have to be super careful of where every single dime goes.  Is sinking your hard earned cash into worthless PLR sites time and time again until you find that perfect fit worth it? 


So I was all ears this week when I heard Liz Tomey speak about how PLR as it is known in Internet Marketing circles has helped her brand her company, build considerable wealth, and made it possible for her to create hundreds of PLR products in a variety of hot niches that spread her name around the Internet.


Tomey says there is nothing wrong with using PLR as the starting point for a product, provided you alter it by adding new or missing information, rewrite it in your own style and maybe even create your own graphics. By doing this, you essentially create a new product, especially if you update it to reflect current trends, needs and problems.


Still even Tomey admits that there is considerable variation in the quality of PLR sites. As a leading expert in the PLR field, she often is asked her opinion of the different providers. So Tomey put together a special report with her reviews of the PLR sites she recommends. In her report you not only learn about the quality, but some of the distinctive elements of each source that might help you pick the best PLR provider for your needs and budget.


You can get a copy of her PLR reviews here.



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