Should you pay for a custom blog theme?

If you are trying to brand your business to set it apart from the competition, you may want a theme that reflects that unique branding. So you are probably wondering if you should pay for a custom blog theme.

Default WordPress blog theme

This is the default WordPress Blog theme - Ugh!

As a person who has taken a few graphic design courses, but is not a professional designer, I have to admit — I don’t want my website or blog to look just like all the others. So I spent a lot of time looking for themes I could customize while checking out themes that come at a price.

In designing your blog, you can pick one of hundreds of free blog themes created for WordPress, you can buy a premium theme for as much as $150, or you can have a custom theme designed for several hundred dollars.

I stopped short of paying someone to design my theme, but I admit that I might have saved time and gotten more of what I wanted if I had paid someone to design a custom theme for me.

My blog was still evolving. I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be. So my decision was to do it myself while trying to get my blog where I wanted it. However, I would recommend that some small business owners spring for a custom blog theme.

The WordPress platform lets small business owners build more traditional websites by adding pages that don’t look like blogs. If a company is going to build an entire website on a blog platform and they are looking for something unique, it makes great sense to hire a designer to create a unique theme that represents the business’ image in the marketplace.

You can do a lot with WordPress to vary the look and feel of a blog with a custom theme. A blog designer can also build in the functionality a business wants using plugins and widgets. That makes it a lot easier for you to achieve the web presence you want, while still preserving the option to update your blog website as often as you want.

How do you pick a designer to customize your blog theme? I’d recommend you read Should you hire someone to build your website, part 3. The same process applies here. But the key is to know what you want. If you’re not sure, pick a blog theme you can live with and wait until you have a clearer idea.

Marcia Ming

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