Should you hire someone to build your small business website, Part 3?

Once you have assessed your needs it’s time to evaluate your web designer:

web designer

Should you hire a web designer to create your small business website?

Spend some time visiting the sites of web designers you are considering.

  • Look at their portfolios and the web design solutions they have created for other clients.
  • Examine their pricing strategies and prepare a list of questions to help you determine how they work, what they charge and what you will get for your money.
  • Get them to talk about the web platform they plan to use. If they use a software program you don’t have, you will not be able to add updates yourself. If its web-based, you may just need a password to add new content.
  • Find out if your staff will be able to add content without the designer’s help.

If you are creating an ecommerce site, someone will need to develop landing pages and sales pages that turn prospects into buyers. You may need to hire a copywriter. To learn more, read “How to Make Your Website Really Sell.”

Once you complete your research, you’re ready to meet with web designers. Pick someone who is willing to advise you on the parts of your web project that you will handle internally, as well as the work the designer will do for you.

With the Internet, it is no longer necessary to limit your search to companies within your community. If yours is a really small business, you should look for independent contractors who are similar in size. You might find a small, home-based web designer whose prices and services are just right for your needs.

7 Responses to “Should you hire someone to build your small business website, Part 3?”

  1. I’d really like to learn more about this topic. I’ve been searching for hours and it’s good to find someone who knows what they’re talking about. Thanks

  2. 2010 has been a rough year for me so far. My only hope is that I can have a successful blog too to help pay the bills. Does this really work to make an income?

  3. Marcia Ming says:


    The current economy is difficult for a lot of people. It will take time, focus and hard work to make your small business successful. Stay encouraged and let me know about topics you would like me to write about.

    Marcia Ming

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  5. Copywriting says:

    Where can you get good copywriting classes? I hate it when I am stuck without any idea on how to write good copy for ads. My boss tells me that my choice of words aren’t good enough, or my words are too complex, or I don’t have the tone of the people I’m speaking to.. I mean, what the hell? As long as I’m writing good copy with interesting words, isn’t it enough? Maybe I need copywriting lessons. So, any idea where I can get copywriting lessons from an expert?

  6. Marcia Ming says:

    There are several good possibilities depending on your budget. I took the AWAI course for six-figure copywriting. AWAI – the American Writers and & Artists Inc., offers a number of courses on copywriting. You can also buy products offered by leading copywriters like Bob Bly, Ed Gandia, Dan Kennedy, etc.

    For people with a small budget, I’d recommend The Everything Guide To Writing Copy: From Ads and Press Release to On-Air and Online Promos–All You Need to Create Copy That Sells (Everything: Language and Literature) by Steve Slaunwhite.

  7. Kira Haggart says:

    its really very great and informative post. thanks for sharing the information