Savvy Remembers Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, King of Pop – 1958 – 2009

Michael - Leave Me Alone 

Sometimes you have to put business aside and honor the icons of your youth. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was just such an icon for me.

I grew up with Michael Jackson . I remember his performances as a boy on TV. Like millions of other fans, I hummed the words of his hit songs and danced to his music as a teenager and young adult.  So I had to drop everything to find a way to honor his tremendous contribution to the music world.

Brief BIO:

Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. He began his stellar career as a child star and lead singer of the Jackson Five. Hits like “I Want You Back”, “I Love You” and “I’ll Be There,” took the group to the Ed Sullivan Show and national fame. But it was Michael’s electrifying solo performances that made his one of the biggest musical performers in the world.

No musical performer was bigger than Michael Jackson in the ’80’s. His Thriller CD remains the biggest all-time seller in music history. “Dangerous” remains No. 2.”

Even more significantly, he influenced an entire generation of performers white and black, and that  influence stretched around the world.

His Thriller album was so big that he broke through racial barriers, forcing MTV and over venues to open doors to future African American performers. Even after his star dimmed in the US because of his personal problems, he remained a superstar overseas. His celebrity was unprecedented. 

Here are photos from Michael Jackson’s life:

Here are websites, where you can view his videos and get more information about Michael.………

Thank you Michael for your unforgettable performances.

May you rest in Peace. 

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