Review of 30 Minute Article Marketing System

How to Write Articles the Easy Way

In a recent blog post, I suggested 10 different ways you could promote your website without spending money. In the next few posts, I will review products to help you implement the 10 ways I told You about.

30 Minute Article Marketing  System

Article marketing - Hands on keyboard

Article marketing - Hands on keyboard

30 Minute Article Marketing System, a 29-page ebook by Melanie Mendelson, is a practical guide for anyone who is just getting started with article marketing.

Not only does Melanie deliver what she promises – a quick, easy way for you to produce an article in 30 minutes flat; she also describes the other elements to consider when using article marketing as a way to promote your website.

Here are some of the ways that 30 Minute Article Marketing System can help you succeed with article marketing:

  • This ebook simplifies the writing process to help you get started
  • Demonstrates how to select and use keywords in your articles
  • Describes in clear fashion how to optimize your articles for search engines, and
  • Shows three key ways to distribute your articles on the Internet.

Melanie’s 30 Minute Article Marketing System shows as well as tells. She uses simple, easy-to-follow examples that leave no doubt about how to implement her suggestions.

In the appendices, she provides a comprehensive list of article directories, a number of article announcement mailing lists, and a 30-Minute Article System Recap you can print and use over and over again.

If there is anything I would question about her product, it’s that she makes it seem almost too easy. It’s difficult to imagine how you could fail with this guide.

To insure that you accomplish your goal of producing your articles in 30 minutes flat, each step is timed. And Melanie even throws in a timer.

If you’ve decided to include article marketing as a tactic in your  promotional arsenal, you can’t go wrong with Melanie’s 30 Minute Article Marketing System.

Marcia Ming

P.S. I should warn you that this link goes to an optin page first for the Six-Figure Secret. Don’t hit the back key, you’re on the right path.

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