Lost your job? Are you thinking of starting a business?

You have probably heard all the stories of people getting rich on the Internet. You may be thinking of starting an Internet business. Before you take another step in that direction, I’d like to share my story and offer a word of advice.

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I  lost my own job in October 2004. It was months before I could pick my self esteem up off the floor where it landed when I heard my supervisor say, “Your job has been eliminated.”

At the time, I probably could have gotten another job — the economy was better then. But after years of working for people who I thought weren’t as smart as I was, I had had enough.

It wasn’t the first time I started a business. I had created a tiny PR agency after leaving my job as a business reporter in 1990.  That business died a painful death in 1992, a casualty of the recession and a divorce. That was the year when a major Delaware corporation consolidated its pr and marketing activities – moving from 60 outside players to 7 including two firms in New York. I don’t have to tell you what a blood bath that was.

A single mom, I had no choice but to take a job. I kept my business going part-time for years fearing I would need it someday. Still, I was unprepared for the shock of finding myself without an income, and needing to crank up my business to full speed.

A lot had changed in 12 years. The Internet had warped into the information highway — creating spectacular opportunities, but with a steep learning curve.

I thought I knew everything I needed to know to succeed. After all, I bought my first PC in 1985. I shopped on Prodigy back in 1991,  so I just knew I could navigate those treacherous, high-tech waters.

 Boy was I wrong. More than $20,000 and several years later, I am still trying to master the art of earning a living on the Internet, although I believe I am closer today.

Here’s my warning:

Do not believe the hype. Do not listen  to anyone who says they can show you how to make easy money working just a few hours a day. There are a ton of scam artists just waiting to take your cash. There are people making millions on the Internet, but trust me. It is not EASY, or FAST.

Take your time, and get an education before you venture into the shark-infested waters of the internet. If you are serious about starting a business, I have two suggestions:

  1. Write a Business Plan. Visit the Small Business Development Center in your community or find a SCORE counselor — the Service Corps. of Retired Executives — to help you write it.
  2. Start your education about internet marketing at a site where you will find everything you need to succeed for as little as $300 a year.

 Site Build It, called SBI for short, packages everything — education, market research tools, web hosting, a web development tool, marketing and traffic-generation strategies in one, unbeatable package.

One of the first things  you’ll do when you visit this website is meet many of the people who have already succeeded using SBI’s arsenal. I should mention, however, that SBI uses the tortoise as its mascot, instead of the hare from the old fable. SBI businesses don’t get rich fast; they do it slowly over time, but are much more likely to cross the finish line. So click on this link to learn more. Do it before you buy any other product on the Internet.

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You also should visit my main website, http://www.savvymarketingsecrets.com for dozens of free articles on many topics you should know about if you plan to start a n Internet business.

Well, now that I have spoken my mind on this subject, I wish you the very best with your new business.

Marcia Ming

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  1. marcia25 says:

    Thanks Morris,

    I appreciate the vote of confidence. I’ll try to live up to your fine words.


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