How to USE SEM to Draw Traffic to Your Home Business Website

One of the unending challenges for any online business is getting traffic to your website. Most website owners use a type of internet marketing to promote their website called Search Engine Marketing or SEM. SEM works to increase the visibility of a website in the SERPS or Search Engine result pages. 
SEM - SERPS- Search Engine Result Pages

SERPS - Search Engine Result Pages

By now your head may be spinning, but hang on. You can master this stuff if you don’t try to rush the process. By learning proper SEM techniques, you can succeed in gaining more website traffic. 

The first key to SEM is to learn how to correctly reach your intended audience. When searching for products and services on the web, consumers input specific search terms into search engines to find what they are looking for. 

To ensure that they find your site, you will want to use keyword phrases on your web pages that match the search terms your target audience is using. 

SEM and Keyword Research 

You need to use keyword lists and keyword tracker tools to determine the best keyword phrases to use on your website.  Keep in mind that SEM involves balancing the needs of people who will visit your website with the demands of the search engines themselves. 

This is done through SEO or Search engine optimization. Search Engines use specific criteria to determine how relevant a web page is to a specific search term. To do this, search engines use software called spiders to search the pages of a website to categorize its information. SEO is so important to the success of your website that you should consider it while you are building your website. It takes a lot less time and effort than having to change your site later. 

Submitting your Site to Search engines 

Now it’s time to submit your optimized site to search engines. The whole idea behind SEM is to have a good presence on search engines, so they connect you with your target audience. 

There are three different ways for search engines to find your website. 

  1. You can directly submit the website to the search engine by filling out a submit form.
  2. You can choose to simply let the search engine gain access to your website by having links to your site on other website directories.
  3. You can pay for the search engine to categorize and index the site.

You can also draw traffic to your site by getting other similar websites to link to your site. The links can be from articles, other websites and blogs, or from online directories. This is another factor search engines consider when ranking your site: the quality and quantity of links that bring visitors back to your site. 

Your website needs to contain great content to entice other websites to link to your site. If the value of what you offer visitors is solid, owners of other websites will want to stay linked to your site. 

 Think of their link as a type of validation – word of mouth advertising — to their traffic that what you offer is useful to their site visitors. Keep these thoughts in mind as you plan the SEM for your website and you should drive quality traffic.

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