How to setup a simple blog website using WordPress

I’ve talked a lot in recent posts about hiring a professional graphic designer or webmaster to create your website. That’s a good solution for many small businesses that have a big enough budget to pay for original design and maintenance.  

However, many small business owners working from home may not be able to afford that option. Others just prefer doing it themselves. It has never been easier for a small business owner to build her own website because of options like WordPress.  

You may choose to setup a website using a hosted option on Blogger or But most small businesses looking for the greatest level of flexibility should probably host their own blogs using  

Here’s my crash course on setting up a simple WordPress blog.  

Here's how your web hosting CPanel might look.

Look for the Fantastico button inside your CPanel to setup your blog.

Step 1.  Register a domain for your blog. Try to get a domain name that includes your keyword phrase. To do that you should already have researched the topic of your blog using Wordtracker’s free keyword tool or Google’s AdWords keyword tool.Next, head over to to see if the domain name you want is available.  

Step 2. Pick a web host with Cpanel where you can setup your blog by clicking a button and filling out a form. I recommend Once you have set up your account, go into your Cpanel. 

Scroll down to Software / Services and look for the blue smiley Fantastico button. Click on it and you will find a page that looks like this: 

 Step 3. Fill out the form with your domain, ID and other information to install your blog. 

Once you complete the form setup your password and click the button, your blog will be installed.  

I wish I could tell you that that’s all you have to do, but that’s just the beginning. You will need to customize your blog before you can start posting.  

Contrary to what everyone says about how easy it is to setup a blog, I’ll be honest and tell you it can be confusing for a newbie. So my advice is to get some help.
There’s a lot more to starting a new blog than setting it up. Creating a successful blog that connects with your audience and makes you money, takes planning and continued effort. You also need to know what works and what doesn’t. To make my own blog better, I have spent some time learning from some of the products out there. If you are thinking about blogging, but haven’t started yet, I would recommend that you check out Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks by Traci Knoppe. 

Learn how to create a blog with the Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks eCourse and good luck with your blogging adventure! 

Marcia Ming 

P.S. This post includes promotions for several affiliate products. You should know that I will earn a commission if you buy through my links. However, I am careful to only recommend products that I have used and believe in. Please leave a comment to tell me if this post was helpful.