How to Sell to Women – Virtual conference shines a light on what makes women buy

The copy writing courses I’ve taken all stress how important it is for the writer to get into the conversation taking place in the prospect’s head. Well if you’re selling to a woman, it’s also critical to understand what’s going on in her heart.

It’s not news that women are more emotional. We learned that in John Gray’s now classic tome “Men are from Mars; Women are From Venus.”

How to sell to women - woman shopperAs it turns out, understanding all of those emotions may be the key to selling to women, according to Lisa Sasevich, host of a 3-day virtual conference, “How to Sell to Women.”

Women need to know that you care about them before they will even think of buying what you’re selling, she and some of her master teachers said. They want you to be authentic – you have to be real. And don’t even think of lying or trying to pull something over on them. They’ll see it coming from miles away.

Those are just a few of the ideas picked up from her expert panel of men and women who have made millions selling to women.

Two of the male superstars are best-selling author and speaker Brian Tracy and Jeff Walker, who turned internet marketing upside down with his Product Launch Formula. Both agreed that it is extremely important to honor women clients and treat them with respect.

A lot of women have issues around selling and MONEY, which can get in the way when they are buying or selling, according to Ali Brown, a consultant who coaches women to success. Brown has mentored a number of the women on the panel including Sasevich.  You’d do well to understand those issues before you try to sell to women, Brown says, adding that these issues are something a lot of men just don’t get.

Understanding the buying power of women

If you’re wondering why men should care about how to sell to women; the answer lies in the enormous influence women have on buying decisions in the marketplace today.

  • Roughly 85 percent of all buying decisions are made by women
  • Women open 70 percent of all new businesses
  • Women spend 80 percent of BOTH combined household incomes
  • Women spend $5 trillion annually (and that’s only in the U.S.), and they
  • Buy more online products and services than men

Women buy emotionally, but they need to be able to rationalize it logically, says Pamela Bruner, a Business Coach who helps women entrepreneurs address some of the emotional issues that can block their success in business.

Women also sell more emotionally, Bruner said. That gives women an edge in selling but it can also lead to conflict; the emotions and the rational mind have to be in alignment.

What doesn’t work with women?

Hard-selling and hyped up tactics rarely work with women. It’s an issue of how to sell without being “salesey.” It may be more important to inspire women to say yes rather than persuading them to buy, she said.

Not being authentic with women can cost you the sale, Bruner says. Sometimes you may not even realize you are being inauthentic. As a business coach, she often encourages her women clients to raise their prices. But if those clients are conflicted about charging what the coach suggests and what she believes she should charge, her female prospect is likely to sense that discrepancy.

You cannot overcome an objection you agree with, Bruner says. There is no sense in trying to sell a woman a product she can’t afford or believes she doesn’t need. In cases like this, you should just quit, she said. Women have a strong BS meter you are never going to be able to avoid.

There still may be time to learn more about selling to women. And it’s certainly a topic all marketers with women clients should consider.

What do you think? Do you find it necessary to alter your selling strategies when your prospect is a woman? Leave a comment below.