How to configure your WordPress blog?

If you are the typical writer you probably hate words like configure. It sounds so  . . . technical. And you chose WordPress because everyone said it was easy.

WordPress blog dashboard

You can configure your WordPress blog from the dashboard shown here.

I hate to disappoint you but there are a few slightly technical steps you need to take to make your blog more search engine friendly. These minor changes will also make your blog more appealing to your readers. So let’s head under your blog’s hood to fix a few things.

Inside Dashboard – scroll down to the Settings section at the bottom on the left.

Click on the word Discussion to specify how you want to handle comments.

If you decide to let people post comments on your blog, you will want to set the conditions. 

  1. Check the first box that allows anyone to post a comment
  2. Check the second box that says a comment is held for moderation.

In the next section, Comment Moderation, you can specify that comments be held for moderation if they have more than 2 links. That’s a common characteristic of comment spam.

You may think that spam is not a big deal. But I was amazed at the way people glommed onto my blog at first with spam. They were using my blog to get traffic to their blogs.

Of course, they still do that, but I only let them get away with it if they read my blog post and comment on what I wrote. There are tons of people out there looking for ways to drive traffic to their websites, and if you write halfway decent blog posts or get any traffic at all, you can expect to be targeted.

Later if you see a pattern in certain words comments use, you can return to this page and enter URLs, emails or IP into the comment blacklist box. That will help you to block some of the more flagrant abuses. Once you are finished, scroll down the page and save your changes.

Adjust the Permalinks settings to control the appearance of your individual blog posts.

Next you need to make an adjustment to the Settings for Permalinks – another technical term. Permalinks is the word WordPress uses to identify individual blog posts.

If you accept the default setting, WordPress will identify your individual posts with a question mark and a number.

By selecting the day and name option or the month and name option, you can get the title of your post in the permalink. The permalink will show up in the address line for the page on which your post appears. You also have the option of using a custom structure such as the name of the post only. Make your choice and save your changes.

Those are just a few of the changes you may want to make to get your blog to do what you want. To learn more, I  recommend you learn how to create a blog with the Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks by Traci Knoppe.

To your continued success!
Marcia Ming

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