How Blogging Can Help Your Search Engine Marketing

By now you’ve noticed that a lot of static websites are adding a blog. It may also seem that the mere addition of a blog is pushing the traffic of those sites ahead of yours. But before you add a blog, you should know why blogging can be good for search engine marketing.

Train in motionIt’s not the addition of a blog, but the constant activity that helps your website gain in the rankings. Most successful bloggers post at least 3 to 5 times a week and search engines love fresh, relevant content. Search engines especially put greater weight on blogs that are updated frequently, have good focus and stay on topic.

Exactly what is Blogging?

Before you commit to blogging – it takes a lot of time – you should understand what blogging is. Blogging is a little like keeping an online journal. It’s a page or pages where you put down your thoughts about a specific topic.

To add content often you will write a lot about that topic, so it’s important to consider your interest in the subject. Lack of true interest in a topic is why you see so much burnout among bloggers.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Marketing

You need to optimize your blog for search engines, if you want it to play a key role in your search engine marketing. This means, making sure your keywords are in your title tags and sticking to posts about your keywords. People who read this blog regularly may  that know this is one of my struggles.

Think of your blog post titles as headlines so you can catch the reader’s attention. And make sure your title will show up in the search engines for the keywords you want. Your headlines will begin to show up in search engine queries as your blog posts are archived.

If you optimize your blog correctly and you also are creating fresh content regularly, then you will see good page rank over time. Once you achieve this you will be able to help your other websites or blogs to get quality links.

All you have to do is to have some permanent links in your sidebar to the particular website or blog that you need to have crawled and ranked. As long as it has relevant content you can use your blog this way.

So if you optimize your blog and keep it updated with fresh, relevant content, you will be able to use it as an search engine marketing tool for other relevant websites you own. It’s a great way to let something you enjoy — your blog – help you grow your virtual real estate.

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