Google Knows a Thing or Two about Savvy Marketing! What is ph1r5t

It started with a comment on my blog; just the letters – ph1r5t?

I didn’t have a clue and my first inclination was that the spam filters should have caught the comment. But then I noticed the source That raised my curiosity a tad, and I wondered if this was their way of getting my attention.

Google comment regarding pht r5t

I typed ph1r5t into the Google search box and it took me to an actual search results page:

 Screen capture of the Google search results page for ph1r5t

I am not a gamer or developer and I still don’t know what those letters mean.  However, a glance up and I spotted the word new just above a new menu item – Play.

I had to know more so I clicked the Play tab to find Google introducing a brand new feature, PLAY. I clicked the Learn More button to reveal this promo. I am a very big movie buff, so now I was all in. That made me wonder if the ph1r5t was really a ploy by someone at Google to call attention to this new PLAY feature. If so, wouldn’t that be a really clever way to get my attention and anyone who happens to see the blog comment? What if Google planted a similar comment on thousands of blogs?

Hunger Games -- One of the alternating screen shots on the Learn More page for Google Play

 Here’s a link so that you can watch the videos about PLAY yourself.

I’m always on the lookout for savvy marketing and I think that this could be a great example. But there is still a MYSTERY! Was this a savvy marketing ploy by Google or just one of my site visitors trying to promote his webpage. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I’m just glad I didn’t hit the erase button before investigating. Thanks Google for providing me with a very clever example of savvy marketing.

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