Creating a Facebook Fan Page for Savvy Marketing Fans

 We’ve talked a bit about social media marketing, but now it’s time to get serious.

Nothing is hotter right now than Facebook which has about 500 million members and is beginning to give Google a run for its money in both the search and advertising arenas. This is something no small business owner can afford to ignore.

Proposed Savvy Fan Page Logo box

Proposed Savvy Fan Page Logo box

But what is the best way to capitalize on all those raving Facebook fans. My sources say the best way is to create a Fan Page on Facebook. So that is what I am planning to do but I need input from my current fans. I created a graphic to put on my Fan Page which I haven’t published yet? Please tell me what you think.

Also leave a comment of the type of information you would like to see on my Facebook Fan Page.

  1. What information would help you develop and promote your blog?
  2. What would help you with your small business marketing?
  3. What hot buttons are you struggling with right now that I could help you research?
  4. Tell me if you have already setup a Facebook Fan Page? What’s on your page?

Facebook Marketing Secrets complimentary reportI have a brand new special report on “Facebook Marketing Secrets” which I will share with anyone who comments. I also will be giving this report away to anyone who joins my new social marketing club. So leave a comment below or add your name and email address in the box on the right to get your copy of Facebook Marketing Secrets.

Thanks for your help and tell me when you create a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Marcia Ming

2 Responses to “Creating a Facebook Fan Page for Savvy Marketing Fans”

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