Can SEO Help Your Home Business Website?

SEOIt’s not unusual for home business owners to throw up a website or blog without paying any attention to all of that SEO stuff. “We’ll worry about that after we start making money,” you may think.

Take it from me, your website may die a slow death in cyberspace until you get up to speed on SEO or search engine optimization.

Here’s why SEO is important

Most people looking for information on a topic type keyword phrases into a search box.

Search engine robots crawl millions of pages with those keyword phrases looking for the best results to serve up to searchers. The robots use complicated algorithms to determine which pages to show.

The algorithms change constantly as the robots get smarter and many more pages are added daily. SEO experts attend pricey conferences and conduct plenty of studies to stay up on this topic. So it’s no wonder that SEO is a special challenge for the home internet business.

Crash Course on SEO

Here’s what you need to understand about SEO to succeed. The whole idea behind owning a website or blog is to get people to visit your website, engage with your content and buy your products or services.

A recent study showed that you have just 46 seconds to engage your visitor to prevent them from clicking away. Everything from the headline to the design and structure of the site and especially the content must be appealing and captivating to keep the visitor on your site.

The study also showed that if you can keep the visitor on the site longer than 46 seconds, there is a good chance that they will click around and visit at least 3 pages.

If those 3 pages happen to contain pay-per-click ads or affiliate programs, the chances of making a profit increase substantially.

SEO is not only a product of how balanced and keyword-rich your content is, but also a combination of how your site is built for the major search engine “spiders.” That’s why you should consider SEO when you build your website – not later.

SEO Tactics to avoid:

  1. Watch out for companies that guarantee links overnight.  Too many links too quickly will pull whatever site ranking you already have down. The search engine algorithms always manage to catch up with your site if something fishy is going on.
  2. Avoid SEO that:
  • Links to shadow domains
  • Places links to their other clients on “doorway” pages
  • Offers to sell keywords in the address bar
  • Gets traffic from fake search engines, spyware, or scumware,
  • Or, is not listed in Google’s index.

Choose the people that work on your site or the SEO strategies you use very carefully. Make sure you know exactly how they plan to promote it for SEO.  Ranking a site for content relevance takes time, and is a process that cannot be rushed, no matter what so-called expert tells you.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about SEM or Search Engine Marketing and how to draw traffic to your website.