Can a Twitter Server Crash Hurt Your Business?

Lightning storm - a metaphor for business calamity

Lightning storm - a metaphor for business calamity

You’ve worked hard to attract thousands of followers on social media sites like Twitter. Some of your income and marketing efforts are linked to your social marketing strategies.

So what happens if a server crash suddenly wipes out your thousands of Twitter followers? Or your fan page on Facebook?

Case Ernsting, who writes about social media on his MetaSpring blog, practically had a meltdown of his own when his list of Twitter followers dropped to zero Monday after its servers crashed.

You can read more of what Case learned by reading his guest post here:

His experience raises important questions for business. How do we protect our companies against calamities that occur on sites we don’t own?

Is this a vulnerability social media will have to overcome if they are to play a major role in the marketing world of the future? What do you think? Leave a comment to share your thoughts or experiences.

Marcia Ming