5 WordPress Plugins with SEO Benefits for your Blog

Website Magazine coverI just took a look at the August issue of  Website Magazine.com  where I found something that really fits the topic we have been talking about this week. Nick Stamoulis, President and Founder of Brick Marketing a SEO and SEM company, described five WordPress plugins that will make your SEO easy.

If you can still find that issue, you may want to grab it. But just in case it is no longer available, I’ll repeat Stamoulis’ recommendations here:

  1. WordPress logoAll in One SEO Pack – Nick suggests that you grab this one first because it lets you write custom meta information for all your posts and pages. It has been downloaded nearly five million times and is considered the industry standard.
  2. Contextual Related Posts – This post will display related blog posts at the end of each published post by seeking those with relevant tags. I didn’t know about this one. I’ve been doing this manually so I’m going to look for this one right away. It helps in two ways — with internal linking and to keep visitors on your site longer.
  3. SEO Smart Links – This plugin interlinks your posts and pages as you write and publish, which is also a great way to strengthen the SEO elements of your site.
  4. WP-DB-Backup –  This may seem more important for security than SEO, but as Nick explains, if you lose all your value content, it will really set your SEO efforts back. Using this plugin you can email a backup file of your entire database anytime you want. With this backup, you can get your blog back up quickly if something should happen.
  5. Google XML Sitemaps – Most webmasters know how important it is to create Google SML Sitemaps to help the search engine find your content quickly. This plugin lets you update your sitemap automatically as you add new content.

Some premium themes come with some of these plugins built-in, so you might want to check before you try to add these plugins.

 Nick makes another very important point. While it is important for you to optimize your WordPress blog, it is vital that you create your content for humans not search engine robots. Your blog may get a quick boost with SEO, but it’s long term success depends on the quality and value of your content for your site visitors.

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