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What do you think of the new Apple iPad?

From all accounts the iPad has a beautiful interface that promises to turn publishing, the Internet and mobile computing upside down. The day is fast approaching when we may get most of our information from an iPad or similar mobile device that is light and a joy to use. Well I recently bought Ian del Carmen’s “iPad Riches” with an […]


What web pages should you include in special purpose websites?

Some websites have very specific purposes that require pages specific to the purpose of the website. Here are two of the most common examples. For example a squeeze page or optin page is designed for the purpose of generating leads for your business. It needs a compelling headline, brief copy to capture your visitor’s interest, […]


What web pages should you include in your website?

Your overall goal should be to create a pleasant experience for your site visitors – to provide the information they need to build trust with your company, and to help lead them through the buying process. There are two answers to this question. Today we will explore the pages you find on general small business […]