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Special Report on Email Newsletters
Email newsletters are still an effective way to stay in touch with your marketplace, but they had better be done right, experts say.

It's no secret that it has gotten a lot harder to run email campaigns, what with crowded in boxes, spam filters, and skyrocketing unopen rates. However, experts say email marketing done right, is still a highly effective, low-cost marketing tactic.

Read our special section to learn what small businesses can do to create email newsletters their readers will want to receive, while avoiding the pitfalls. Our report explores the things you should never do with email if you want to keep your customers and prospects opening your newsletter and avoiding the unsubscribe button.

Here are some of our best expert suggestions: 

1. It's more important than ever to provide newsletter readers with quality content they can not easily find elsewhere.

2. Your newsletter needs to have a personality if you want people to keep reading. Bland reports about every boring detail about your company, will not get read.

3.  Don't be afraid to speak with one voice. It's important for readers to identify with the person sending the newsletter. Give some thought to who should issue your newsletter and, then let that person's individuality shine through.

4. Issue your email newsletter regularly on a set schedule -- at least once a month, or your recipients will forget about you. Weekly is best if you can stay on that schedule and make it good. Most people can't keep up with a newsletter that arrives more frequently, so do so at your peril.

5. Do not spam period! Use a double-optin-system to ensure that the people who receive your newsletter have actually signed up to receive it. If someone asks to be removed from your list, do so immediately.

6. If you use your newsletter to promote your products or services, make sure you send a lot more helpful information, than promotional material. And make sure that even your promotional material comes across as useful information.

7. Tests show that most people prefer colorful, well-designed html newsletters, but you should always include a text version for those who need it.

8. Today, many people read their email on mobile devices or small review panels at their ISP, so take that into consideration when you design your email newsletter. Put your most compelling content up front.

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May 30, 2008




 Marcia Ming, publisher
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