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Search Marketing
Why the Right Keywords Can Boost Your Site Traffic?

The Internet is the new advertising vehicle that delivers highly targeted prospects in a cost-effective manner using search marketing. But you won't be able to play if prospects can't find your site. It may seem complicated or expensive, but in the long run it will pay you to have your site optimized for search engines using keywords.

Research shows that most younger shoppers research products or services on the Internet before making the trek to a store or dealership. Typically, they want to know as much as they can about a product and its benefits over competing products before they make a selection.

Most use Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines to find the products they are looking for. There's a lot of information available to determine the most common keywords used in their searches. Using the right keywords, you improve the chance that searchers will find your website.

Research about search marketing shows that visitors who find your site using search engines are more highly targeted prospects. They were looking for what you are offering, not responding vaguely to an ad aimed at a mass audience. More importantly, with search marketing, you can measure the effects of your marketing efforts. If you optimize your site, you can tell if your page views increase or your page rank rises.

Use Keywords to Advertise Online

Now that you understand keywords and how they help prospects find your website, you're ready to capitalize on their power to use the Internet's new advertising tools. Your prospects will most likely visit an ezine (an online magazine) blog, or forum looking for information about a hobby or future purchase.

Even if your site is optimized for the best keywords, you are often still competing with thousands of other webpages. The odds of having your web page come up on that first search page are not real high in many cases. But there's another way to make those keywords pay.

This chart shows the growing importance of search marketing

With Google's Adwords, you bid on keywords

With adwords, you can bid on keywords that match your product or service, to have your ad listed on that first page of search results. It may take time to learn how to bid on key words using search marketing. It is critical that you pick the right keywords. This is an area where you may want to pay for help until you become more comfortable picking the right keywords and placing your bids.

Are you considering software to help you research your keyword campaigns? I use Keyword Elite: Generate 1000s Of Keywords In Seconds!

The beauty of it is that even a small company can wage effective pay-per-click campaigns using the right keyword strategies. This can be very effective when you're bidding on keywords that involve your city or local region. Take for example, the keywords Philadelphia Photographer, Baltimore Web designer or Charlotte, NC spa.

With Search marketing, you can set a budget

With search marketing, you can limit your campaigns to an amount that fits your budget. You can also look for keywords that haven't been bid up by the big players.

To get started, you need to use keyword tools to learn which search terms people use when they are looking for certain information. These tools range from,  a professional tool used for search engine optimization, to free services such as, which is now owned by Yahoo.

Before you spend money on new products or pay per click campaigns, you may want to visit a site that reviews products on this topic. You can learn a lot more about search marketing by visiting

Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Quickbooks have all recently introduced products to assist small businesses with search marketing. Some of these will even give you a free $50 coupon to get you started on adwords campaigns. They will also provide help if you need assistance. My advice is to start small and track your results carefully, until you learn which keywords work best for you.

Google also offers training and information about keywords and how they work. You'll also find a number of books on the topic. Search marketing is one topic where it will pay off to get educated and to try it out.

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