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XSitePro or Site Build It?
Which Offers the Most Value for Small Businesses




 Site Build It




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Ease of Use

Easy to learn using tutorial and even easier to use. Lengthy planning process aids success. All the tools are included.


Tutorial/ 250 page manual covering the basics and 1000 page manual for those who want the details. Comprehensive print and video action guide. Extensive material, several books.

Best Features

Everything! This new version of XSitePro is so packed with features that it will let you build money-making websites faster and more cost effectively than any other tool on the market.

  • Change the look and feel of your site in the Page Layout window and every page on the site is changed instantly.
  • It comes with templates for one-page mini-sites or sales pages, and for ecommerce and, or content sites.
  • You own the software so you can build as many sites as you like. 
  • Add your scripts once and access them again and again.
  • Build forms on your page and send the information directly to Aweber and other autoresponders instantly.
  • Add Site Search instantly, and get results that look just like search engine results, including multi-pages.
  • Add audio or video in minutes.
  • Automate your monetization with Google Adsense, or Omakase.
  • Add news feeds to your site from hundreds of sources.
  • Configure your pages for mobile devices.
  • Syndicate your site content to other websites, including social networking sites.
  • And, I haven't even seen all of the features that have been added in this mind-blowing upgrade. 

Once you learn this program, it doesn't get any easier. It doesn't include a blog, but you you no longer need one.

Negatives: This software does not include web hosting, a domain name, or research tools like SBI does. But that's not really a negative. Buy it once, build as many sites as you want and avoid SBI's yearly fee. The latest version is XSitePro 2.5.

SBI does the technical stuff, you focus on your content. Take a look at this comparison of SBI's many valuable resources as a web host.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and are not sure where to start, you can't do better than SBI. The training that comes with SBI is unbeatable for those looking to building a content site to support your affiliate marketing efforts. But be prepared to work.

SBI comes with a domain name, web hosting, all the tools you need to research your niche ideas and to market your site. It also includes a host of other features designed to ensure the success of people who use the model as intended.

XSitePro has nothing that compares with SBI's Brainstorm It or Search It, tools that can easily cost hundreds of dollars if purchased as standalone products. 

Using SBI's "C-T-P-M" (Content-Traffic-Presell - Monetize) process, many webmasters have achieved a high degree of success.

SBI lets you include a blog with your site.

SBI training starts with a 10-day video or written action guide and several excellent books. To be fair, SBI includes a number of the features that were recently added to version 2 of XSitePro.

Negatives: More expensive than XSitePro, but less expensive than many standard hosts when you consider all the features. The cost for SBI covers just one site. If you want to build more than one site you have to pay the fee again, making it a great option for newbies, but costly for anyone who wants to build more than one website.


 $297 (Still available for $197)

$299 a year.



Site Build It

Summary: Finding the right choice for you may take some experimentation. Fortunately you can do so without risk because both XSitePro and SBI come with liberal refund policies, which eliminates much of the risk. You can also try blogging without risk too, so you have no excuse. It's time to take action. 

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