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Need Content for Your Website:  Easy PLR Review

"Private Lable Rights Article Packs can Save Time and Money"

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Easy PLR sells pprivate label rights articles in packs to web publishers looking for top quality content for their sites or blogs. The article packs cover a variety of topics and are hiqh quality, but lower in cost than hiring a ghost writer.

The PLR article packs are ideal for blog posts or newsletter articles. Use PLR articles in your autoresponder or pull the articles together in a document, add graphics, and turn it into a pdf. Then you can offer the pdf. as a freebie to your email list.

Some marketers turn PLR articles into an information product. When you buy the rights to these articles, you can alter them, combine them with other material, put your name on them and sell them. While the articles are text files, you can use the content to develop audio files, videos and full home study courses.


EasyPLR offers affordable articles of high quality. Article packs are wrriten by a paid writer and edited by a second writer. Topics vary. You can personalize the articles to fit your site and claim ownership.The site limits the amount of articles it sells on each topic, to reduce the amount of duplication. Unlike some PLR sites, there is no membership required. You can shop just for what you need -- without buying article packs you can't use.


The content will not be original to you, even though the articles are sold in very limited quantities. It is highly recommended that users rewrite the articles using their own words and writing style. The other negative is that you may not find a topic that meets your needs, However, you can send an email to request other topics.

EasyPLR is an affordable way to provide your readers with quality content without hiring a ghostwriter or joining a PLR membership site.

 Marcia Ming, publisher
Marcia Ming,

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