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Marketing Resources
As we peruse the internet, bookstores, and newsletters, we identify many resources that might prove useful for small business owners. Here is a list with links to useful sites.


  • Web Sites
    Here is where we will add useful web sites you may want to visit to learn more about small business marketing. Feel free to suggest useful sites you think we should add.
  • Services
    Here is where we will showcase services or service firms your business may find useful. This section may grow slowly because we won't recommend firms we don't know and trust.
  • People
    Here is where we will share articles, interviews and news about the people you should know as you plan your marketing activies. People like Marlon Sanders are great people to watch because of their experience and success in the internet marketing space.
  • Book Reviews
    One of best ways to educate yourself about marketing your small business is to head to to find a good book on topic you need help with. To make that process easier, Book Lover Marcia Ming, shares her favorites.


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