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Marcia's Reading List

When I find something helpful, I like to share. So I from now on, I plan to share the books I am reading, that I believe might be beneficial to other small business owners. If you're reading any of the same books and want to share your thoughts with other site visitors, email me, so that I can include your ideas in any book reviews I might write. Be sure to include your name, business and, or website so you can get credit.

Turn Words Into Traffic by father and son, Jim & Dallas Edwards is an excellent book for anyone trying to develop an article marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website. The book comes with step by step exercises to walk you through the process of writing an expert article on the topic of your choice and distributing that article throughout the Internet. You can buy this book in hard copy, paperback or as a downloadable ebook.

If you're just getting started on the Internet, you may be holding down a full-time job. There's a lot to learn from Yanik Silver, who created a million-dollar internet marketing business from the living room of his one-bedroom apartment. As I write this, I am preparing to join Yanik and others on a teleseminar call where he will promote his first real book, Moonlighting on the Internet. This is a good book for anyone just getting started who wants to understand the five different ways to make money on the Internet. 

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting three authors with new books at JV Alert Live in Orlando. I had already purchased books by Christine Comaford-Lynch and Jaime Luchuck and looked forward to meet them in person. Brendon Burchard, the third author, turned out to be an unexpected surprise.

If you haven't heard Christine Comaford-Lynch speak, don't pass up the opportunity. The author of Rules for Renegades doesn't understand the word, NO. Faced with rejection, she almost always finds a way to alter the outcome. One example is her agreeing to work for Microsoft for free for a week, when the HR person at the company rejected her application because she lacked college degrees. You'll have to read the book to hear more of her entertaining stories of determination.

Jaime Luchuck was the winner of Joel Comm's "The Next Internet Millionaire" Challenge. She wrote From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire in two weeks, based on her experiences and lessons learned during the competition. Making her first speaking appearance at JV Alert Live, Luchuck said she almost threw up before facing the audience of internet marketers. Yet after telling her story, she was able to get them to to join her in singing "I will survive," which earned her a standing ovation.

I don't have much time for fiction these days, but I was happy to buy Brendon Burchard's inspirational novel, Life's Golden Ticket after hearing him speak. I can't wait for a quiet moment to enjoy this one. Brendon received his own "golden ticket," after surviving a near-fatal car accident as a young man. He's an amazing storyteller.


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