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What is JV Alert Live?
And Why Would You Want to Partner With Other Internet Marketers?

JV Alert Live: Joel Comm and the Next Internet Millionaires

If you have been on the Internet long, you've probably heard the expression, "the money is in the list." When you build an email list on the Internet, you develop a relationship with a group of people you can sell to again and again and again. Just imagine the magic of a launch where you promote to your list, and your joint venture partners also promote your product to their lists. Can you understand the value of such linkages as the size of multiple JVs grow.

That's the magic of JV Alert Live a powerful weekend, created by Ken McArthur, where a number of internet marketers meet to learn and network. Recently in Orlando, a group of 72 internet marketers participated in a first ever joint venture by creating a product together in 90 minutes.

Everyone present contributed their best tip for launching a new product. Participants of JV Alert Live also wrote testimonials and contributed a bonus for the info product.

A small group of JV Alert Live copy writers wrote a captivating headline and sales page. Another group worked on graphics and a bunch of others keyed in the contributions which were then emailed to Joel Comm's team from The Next Internet Millionaire reality show. Although he went home sick the first day of the event, Comm spoke with the group by video and contributed a video to play on the sales page.

After the info product --Instant JV Secrets -- went live, all of the Internet Marketers present emailed their lists to promote the new product. What a rush it was for first-time JVers like me. Part of the proceeds will go to charities. There is still time to buy this one-of-a-kind product for a mere $7. You can get it at Instant JV Secrets.

JV Alert Live Speakers Were Fantastic
JV Alert Live speakers like Christine Comaford-Lynch, author of Rules for Renegades, evoked laughter and challenged participants to take greater risks. Brendon Burchard, author of "Life's Golden Ticket," encouraged the group to seek out corporations and non-profits as partners to help them multiply the affect on their marketing. Small businesses can have a bigger impact by using the budgets and resources of well-established organizations.

JV Alert Live: Jermaine GriggsOne of the highlights of this year's JV Alert Live was the arousing closing presentation by Jermaine Griggs of Nitty Gritty Marketing, INC. Now just 24, Griggs created a million dollar Internet business at the age of 19. Griggs, who's mentor was the late Corey Rudl, shared his secrets of personalization and customization marketing to build trust and rapport with Internet audiences. Griggs uses a two-step optimization process on his websites to get customers to give more information so that the company can customize the information delivered, a process that results in long-term customer relationships.

Networking was the real reason for JV Alert Live
People came from as far away as California, Canada, and Costa Rica to network with fellow internet marketers in Orlando. Relationships built during events like this came make or break a product launch, as was powerfully demonstrated by the 90-minute product creatiion on Sunday.

Networking with the Next Internet Millionaires

We had a blast networking at JV Alert Live Here we are with five of the cast members from the Next Internet Millionaires, including Nico Pisani, Alisande Chan, Nico Pisani and Thor Schrock. Here I am with Jaime Luchuck, who wrote a book in two weeks, "From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire," and went on to take the top spot. Thor was auditioning people the whole time for next show. You can learn more at

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