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Easy Article Writer Product Review
The easiest way to research and write articles to market your small business

Easy Article Writer Box CoverArticle marketing is one of the best, low-cost ways to drive highly motivated, presold traffic to your website. Unfortunately, it takes a number of high-quality articles to turn your website into a high-traffic machine for your business. That can be tough to do if you are not a writer.

Now Easy Article Writer provides a fast, easy way for you to turn article marketing into one of your most effective, low-cost marketing strategies. This product by J.P. Shoeffel helps you quickly research for the best keywords to use. It then lets you research those key words for just the information you need to write fresh articles daily to promote your products or services.

Once you gather information with Easy Article Writer, it's simple and easy to compose articles in your own words that relate the information you find, to your products and services.

Suppose you are a graphic designer and you want to write an article about the positioning power of a great logo, you can quickly and easily grab information about logos, and turn it into a great article to help your prospects see what your logo can do for their business.

Then, you'll add a resource box that drives them to your website, that perhaps offers a discount or a special report, or ebook to help them market their business with their new logo.

What's the down side to this product? While it will do much of the work for you, you will need to spend a little time re-writing the information and customizing it to fit your business. I can't verify the product's claim that you can create an article in "7 minutes FLAT." It takes me longer to write a quality article. I think this product will help you, but it will probably take longer than the few minutes the creater describes.

Marcia Ming
May 7, 2009

Looking for a great way to promote your business at a low cost -- Grab Easy Article Writer quickly before the product increases in price. It is just a one-time payment of $47 with all lifetime updates and a 100 percent guarantee.

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