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Can a simple drawing help you avoid information overwhelm?
Learn why mind mapping may hold the key to better productivity.

Michael TipperIf you are not getting enough done or your internet business is not making money, Mind Mapping could be the answer, according to Michael Tipper, a business productivity expert from the UK.

Too many people dabbling with Internet marketing may be suffering from "information overwhelm," Tipper explains.
They are spending lots of hours working on their Internet businesses -- but not enough time on income producing activities.

Tipper, who speaks to varied groups around the globe about how to be more productive, blends productivity principles with mind mapping. The result is a powerful system that lets business owners and executives screen out all the noise that drains their mental abilities. By coupling hand-drawn mind maps with mind mapping software he shows how to capture what's important into such systems as a life plan, a daily capture map and a weekly review.
Michael Tipper's Personal Productivity Principles Mind Map

With a good productivity system, you can create processes and checklists for the tasks you do frequently, Tipper says. Mind mapping software lets you organize those checklists and processes in such a way that you can quickly retrieve them when needed, saving you precious time and mental energy.

Mind Mapping was invented nearly 40 years ago by Tony Buzan. Tipper has been a practitioner for more than ten years. He said he thought he knew almost everything about mind mapping and productivity until he watched his mentor, Rich Shefren use mind maps to manage his entire life. Shefren is often called a guru to the gurus.

Watching Shefren sent Tipper back to the drawing board which resulted in his just released "Business Profit Productivity Blueprint.” Tipper uses videos, manuals, and exercises, to show you how to harness mind mapping tools to create a system that puts the user in control of his information.

What are the Benefits of Mind Mapping?

Tipper cites the following benefits of mind mapping:

• Increased creativity
• Better recall and understanding
• Greater levels of concentration
• Much higher levels of engagement
• Higher Order thinking
• The ability to process, capture and remember vast amounts of information
• A thinking tool that can combine visual, auditory and kinesthetic processing all at the same time

Visit Michael Tipper's website to gain more insights on Mind Mapping and Productivity and to get information on his Business Profit Productivity Blueprint.

Marcia Ming
June 29, 2009

Marcia Ming writes about marketing issues and tools to help small business owners succeed. You can learn more about mind mapping and productivity here.


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