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One of best ways to educate yourself about marketing your small business is to head to to find a good book on topics you need help with. To make that process easier, Book Lover Marcia Ming, shares her favorites.

  • Book Review: David Meerman Scott Changes the Rules of Marketing and PR
    David Meerman Scott's New Rules Of Marketing and PR hold loads of possibilities for small businesses that tap the power of the Internet.
  • Marcia's Reading List
    One of the best ways to stay current with trends or to learn a new skill is to pick up a book. Marcia's Reading List describes the marketing books that Writer-Librarian Marcia Ming has added to her book shelf.
  • Marcia's Reading List Page 2
    One of the best ways to stay current with trends or to learn a new skill is to pick up a book. Marcia's Reading List describes the marketing books that Writer-Librarian Marcia Ming has added to her book shelf

Books I found helpful:

Books: Marketing Resources

You may not find many sites listing a lot of books by traditional publishers that you have to search libraries or book stores to find. But as a former librarian and journalist, I'm a "book person." I love books and I'm betting that there are a lot of people like me out there. So I have included some of the books from my collection that have helped me learn about marketing offline and online.

Anderson, Nathan. Art of the Content Site; Massive Passive Success-Build a traffic-magnet content site that pulls search engine traffic like the pros. © 2005 Anderson Agencies.

Bacon, Mark S. Do It Yourself Direct Marketing; Secrets for Small Business. © 1992. Wiley & Sons. New York.

Baggott, Chris and Ali Sales. Email Marketing by the Numbers; How to Use the World’s Greatest Marketing Tool to Take Any Organization to the Next Level. © 2007. John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey.

Bly, Robert W. The Copywriter’s Handbook; A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells. Third Edition. © 1985, 2005. Owl Books, Henry Holt and Company. New York.

Callen, Brad. Search Engine Optimization Made Easy. E-Book.

Campbell, Brian, Internet Profit Mentor; Turn Ideas into Online Cash.

Campbell, Brian, Perpetual Profits; How to build your own Internet profit machine for massive success online! © 2005-2006 Infinite Limits Inc.

Comm, Joel. What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense. 3rd Edition. © 2006.

Cullins, Judy. Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast! © 2005 by Judy Cullins. Skills Unlimited Publishing, La Mesa Calif.

Daniels, Jim and Britner, Scott M. Unleash the Book Within You; How to Start From Scratch and Create Your Own Book and Become a Recognized Expert in As Little as 28 Days - Oh, Yeah, And Make Some Extra Money. © 2005, 2006.

Frank, Mark. Start Your Own Home-Based Website Design Business. E-Book, © by Mark Frank.

Frank, Mark, What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer; A Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Website. E-Book, © 2003 by Mark Frank.

Frey, David. “Coaches and Consultant’s Marketing Bootcamp;  Unusual Marketing Strategies for Attracting All the Clients You Can Handle.” ©

Frey, David. "Small Business Marketing Bible." © 2004 by Marketing Best Practices, Inc. Webster, Texas.

Jantsch, John. Duct Tape marketing; The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. © 2006. Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee.

Kent, Peter. Using Wordtracker; Step by step instructions for using the Wordtracker system. © 1997-2005 Rivergold Associates Ltd.

Lowery, Shelley. Web Design Mastery Series. E-Book, © by Shelley Lowery & Brajusta Publishing, Inc.

Middleton, Robert. InfoGuru Marketing Manual 2nd Edition v 1.3, Action Plan Marketing Copyright © 2003 by Robert Middleton. Boulder Creek, California 95006.

M. Moffett, EEVL Development Officer. RSS - A Primer for Publishers & Content Providers.

Parker, Roger C. Design to Sell; Use Microsoft Publisher to plan, write, and design great marketing pieces. © 2006 by Roger C. Parker. Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA.

Parker, Roger C. Published and Profitable. ©

Seba, Alice. Create Your Own Information Products. E-Book. © 2006 by Alice Seba.

Seba, Alice. Information Product Sweetie ‘Must Have’ Checklists. © 2006 by Alice Seba.

Slaunwhite, Steve. The Everything Guide to Writing Copy; From ads and press releases to on-air and online promos-all you need to create copy that sells! © 2007. Adams Media, an F&W Publications Company, Avon, MA.

Spiegel, Robert. The Shoestring Entrepreneur’s Guide to Internet Start-ups. Copyright © 2001. New York, St. Martin’s Press. Keywords: Electronic commerce, New business enterprises, Internet.

Underdahl, Keith. Digital Video for Dummies. Third Edition.  © 2003 .Wiley Publishing Inc. New York. Indianapolis.

Wilson, Dr. Ralph F. 10 Steps to E-Business on a Shoestring. E-Book, © 2002, by Ralph F. Wilson.

Wilson, Dr. Ralph F. Making & Marketing E-Books. E-Book, © 2004 by Ralph F. Wilson.

Wilson, Dr. Ralph F. The Web Marketing Checklist; 31 Ways to Promote Your Website. E-Book, © 1997-2005 by Ralph F. Wilson.

Wilson, Dr. Ralph F. 12 Website Design Decisions; Your Business or Organization Will Need to Make. E-Books. E-Book, © 1995-2005 by Ralph F. Wilson.

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